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Having a vacation home in a destination location can be magical. Having that luxury house near the slopes, just waiting for you to swing by for your next ski weekend, can mean it’s that much easier to simply make a spur of the moment decision and head out for a weekend away. However, owning a vacation home, luxury or otherwise, comes with a few pretty sizeable considerations that many prospective vacation home owners don’t think about. Before you dive into the hunt for just the right luxury house to pur... read more
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Why We LOVE Sun Valley in the Spring

Spring Colors Suit Sun Valley Well
Posted by Derek Svennungsen on May 18, 2018 in  community  mountain living  Sun Valley  Travel
Most people think of spring in a resort mountain town like Sun Valley as "shoulder" season. Locals prefer to think of it as "Oh my goodness look at how BEAUTIFUL this place is!" season. From the uncrowded trails and ideal mountain biking, to the fun events going on around town, this is a season not to be missed. The flowers haven't even started really blooming yet, and we've already been treated to endless awesome colors! Here's to our uncrowded spring! CLICK HERE FOR A SLIDESHOW OF SUN VALLEY IN THE SPRING!... read more
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Is A Destination Vacation Home Worth It? - Part 1

Thinking about buying a vacation home? Learn more here and contact Coldwell Banker
Posted by Step Beyond Media on May 17, 2018 in  Global luxury  homes for sale  land for sale  Luxury House  Mansions for sale  Real estate broker  Sun Valley Real Estate
When you find the perfect vacation destination, you may find you never want to branch out and try somewhere else. After all, that cozy beach community or bustling mountain town has great restaurants, a ton of opportunities for fun, a welcoming community, and generally provides a great place to get away and relax with loved ones. But after going back half a dozen times and ending up in a different vacation rental each time, it can start to get a bit frustrating. You’re visiting to relax, kick back, and enjoy y... read more
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Non-Profit Spolight: Camp Hodia

Posted by Step Beyond Media on May 09, 2018 in  community  Sun Valley
Looking to give back to your community this summer?  Camp Hodia is a wonderful organization for children with type 1 diabetes.  Campers learn how to make healthy lifestyle choices that enable them to strong and full life.  With an experienced staff, campers are in the best type of environment to experience the great outdoors while staying in control of their diabetes. Started back in 1978 by Don Scott, Camp Hodia has grown and grown into an incredible program that offers everything from ski camp t... read more
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An updated and wholesome house not only makes a good impression for anyone visiting, but will wow potential buyers.  Recent and well done home improvements increase the value of your home. Even if you aren’t planning on selling your home anytime soon, these improvements are worth the investment.  So stop pushing the house to-do list aside, pick up the tools, and get to work on these worthwhile projects. Kitchen Update Face it, kitchen appliances from twenty years ago just aren’t that appea... read more
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