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Key Questions to Ask When Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Guest Post By Victoria Keichinger of Coldwell Banker Blue Matter
Posted by Jennifer Carlson on December 27, 2017 in No Category
Whether you’re buying or selling, working with a real estate agent is an essential part of the process. But before choosing an agent to work with, there are a few key questions to ask to determine if their expertise & marketing tactics are right for you — and your home. So, how do you know if when you’ve found “the one?” Consider asking these questions that cover everything from an agent’s experience to marketing plans, track records of success and staging tips. Armed with t... read more

Carve Out a Personal Retreat for Yourself at Home

Guest Post by Michelle Lee
Posted by Jennifer Carlson on December 20, 2017 in No Category
The holidays are always a stressful season filled with family and friends and loaded with work and travel obligations. Having a personal haven at home to unwind and restore your mind, body and soul is key to staying sane and on top of it all. Even if you’re renting or moving soon, it’s important to have a space to de-stress on busy days. Make the most of your nooks and crannies at home with these ideas for a rejuvenating retreat. Photo by Element Studios – More bedroom photos Set You... read more
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5 Essential Roof Maintenance Tips for a Safe Winter

Guest Post by Andrea Davis
Posted by Jennifer Carlson on December 13, 2017 in No Category
Your roof is an important part of protecting your family from the elements. Now is the time to think about the maintenance tips that will help you keep your roof in good condition during the winter months. Remove Roof Debris Before the Snow Falls It’s important to remember that the branches above your home will drop leaves onto your roof. Large amounts of leaves and other debris will collect in overhangs and clog your gutters. Hire a professional to clean your roof and gutters. You’ll thank ... read more

Home Projects Under $300 Guests Will Notice

Guest Post by Lauren White
Posted by Jennifer Carlson on December 06, 2017 in No Category
Family is coming into town and you’re thinking, what have I done with this place? Will they notice that you’ve changed the furniture layout in the living room? Or that you updated to LED light bulbs? What can you afford that will make a big impression? There are plenty of ways to upgrade your home design with a small budget. For less than $300, you can have a plank wall, a brick fire pit and more. Barn DoorsThis door style is a classic trend and looks much more expensive than it usually is. Your guests... read more
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