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Outdoor Spotlight: Silver Creek, Picabo Idaho Main Photo

Outdoor Spotlight: Silver Creek, Picabo Idaho

Posted: May 03, 2021 by Sam Vickery

There is a little Idaho town forty-five minutes South of Iconic Sun Valley called Picabo, Pronounced “Peek A Boo” like the children's game. Picabo is the Native American word for “shining waters”. It gets this name from Silver Creek, a clear and flat spring creek that has attracted hunters and anglers from all over the world. Picabo is ripe with the history of famous outdoorsmen such as Ernest Hemingway and Gary Cooper who gave as much to the valley as they received. Ernest Hemingway’s son Jack set up the thirteen hundred-acre nature preserve at the headwaters of Silver Creek, forever setting it up for ease of public use. Ernest and Jack also bestowed a sense of conservation onto the local ranchers of the area. With all of the conservation efforts, Silver Creek has become a thriving ecosystem with an abundance of wildlife including eagles, coyotes, moose, and 150 different species of birds. 

Consistent temperatures and clean water tend to create prolific bug hatches, these bugs feed an extremely robust trout population. Native rainbow trout and German brown trout (planted in the creek by Jack Hemingway) grow to incredible size in these perfect conditions. The pickiness of these trout is what tends to draw the more experienced anglers and keep them coming back, the challenge of fooling fish whose sole purpose in life is to eat and evade the fisherman. Don’t let that deter you, the sheer number of fish tends to help even the inexperienced angler. Silver Creek is open for fishing Memorial Day weekend through late October.

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